Raving News – New Webinar on Host Compensation Strategies


Host Compensation Strategies in a Sales-Focused Player Development Function

Presented by Steve Browne, President, Raving Service
Friday, May 19, 2017
1 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time)
Register By May 17


Webinar Information:

Our webinar series, in partnership with CDC Gaming Seminars, continues with how to develop host incentive programs that will drive your host’s behavior and productivity.

Does Your Host Compensation Plan Incent and Reward the Right Things?

One of the most critical components of your player development function is your host compensation program – how you compensate AND reward your hosts for achieving results and driving revenue for your company.

WHY? Because your compensation and incentive programs will drive your host’s behavior and productivity more than any thing else you do. More than your segmentation strategies, sales tactics, VIP event programs, yes, even more than your direct supervision of them. As a matter of fact, your compensation program will help to define every one of these other critical areas of player development function.

Not happy with your current system? This webinar, presented by Steve Browne, President, Raving Service, will help you evaluate and fine-tune your current host compensation program.

Don’t offer an incentive program or even have a PD function? If you don’t currently have one, it will help you structure a new one or build a reward component to your PD design efforts.

Happy with the system you have? Then this seminar will provide a comparative benchmark to your own, giving you insight into how others approach PD incentive programs and how they compare to yours. After all, your competition is using PD to try and steal your best customers.

About Steve Browne, President, Raving Service:

From advanced host development sales skills training and building compensation programs for player development programs to designing full blown guest service programs, Steve has been a senior resource in Raving’s Leadership and Player Development Teams since 1999.

His knowledge and enthusiasm come from nearly four decades in the gaming industry, starting as a craps dealing “lumpy” in Northern Nevada, a player-engaging pit boss, and a casino owner with an unheard-of formula of “customer worship,” and lead to an international marketing consultancy selling the notion of gaming as an “entertainment experience that enriches people’s lives.”

Webinar Details:

So, here’s the deal. The cost is only $179 per computer … meaning, you can set up a computer in a conference room and have multiple people participate in the webinar for one low price. Sounds like an excellent topic for your next marketing meeting, what do you think? Shoot, that’s less than a comped meal in your steakhouse; a minimal investment for the value you’ll receive. Just make sure you register no later than May 17.

Questions? Just give us a holler at 775-329-7864 or email me at [email protected] . If you have any issues registering or for other technical issues, please contact our moderator, Dave Newton of CDC Gaming Seminars, at [email protected] or call him at 702-255-9891.



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