Goodbye Dennis (but not really)

Dear Ravers,

As most of our readers know, as of October 1, my husband Brady Scott, an enrolled Coquille Tribal member, and I purchased Raving from Dennis Conrad. I was an executive of one of Raving’s first tribal casino clients 20 years ago and hired the firm frequently in the ensuing years; I then went to work for the team as a senior consultant. It’s with great honor and excitement that we take on this incredible company. 

Since I came onboard as CEO at the beginning of January, we have added programs and resources, expanding what most of the industry knows as Raving. It’s not easy for someone to give up their “baby” – yet Dennis has been supportive of all of the changes and the new vision for Raving moving forward. You’ll be able to “experience” Raving 2.0 with the reveal of our new website in 2018, as well as our upcoming Raving NEXT Conference and Raving’s 20th National Indian Gaming Analytics & Marketing Conference. (You can help us roast Dennis at that event in January as well!)

With that said, Dennis is not fully retired to the golf course. Clients can still take advantage of his straight-talking, common-sense, industry savvy knowledge as he transitions into a consulting role. You can also reach him directly at his new contact information below, where he shares his official “goodbye (but not really)” thoughts.

On behalf of the thousands of casino folks you’ve inspired and educated, thank you, Dennis, for all that you’ve done for the industry and trusting me with your baby.

Deana Scott, Raving CEO

Dear Ravers,

You probably know. I have semi-retired from Raving. I have sold the company to Deana and Brady Scott. Raving is now Native owned and I am proud of that.

I have not gone away, I have just stepped back. I am the “President Emeritus” of Raving, you know, one of those titles you take when you don’t know what else to call yourself.

I am still consulting with a very small, select group of clients/friends who I greatly admire.  I will still speak and write, just not as often. I hope to “stop and smell the roses” a little more, but my wife, Becky, wants me to do Jazzercise with her.

As always, you can still reach me, and I try to answer every communication promptly and personally. My new contact information is:

            Dennis Conrad
            775-337-8554 (direct)
            775-225-1467 (cell)
            [email protected]

You can also reach me on LinkedIn (over 5,300 connections!) and yes, in a few months, believe it or not, I plan to be on Twitter.

But as I say my (semi) goodbye to all my friends and colleagues in the industry, it is important for me to ask each and every one of you:

Did I help?

The Raving conferences. The Romero Awards. The Best New Table Games Competition. Casino Journal columns. The Barona/VCAT Award. Raving Insider Parties. Solutions Magazine. Host training and development. Spirit of Giving Awards. Indian Gaming National Marketing Survey. Native Strong Comedy Slam. Management meeting facilitation. Best (and Worst) Casino Promotions. Conrad on Casino Marketing.

I want to know, “Did I help?” Did I help you personally, did I help your organization? (Oh, I know I pissed off a few people along the way).

If you feel I helped, if I truly helped, I am going to ask you to do the following: 

  • Let me know at [email protected] HOW I helped, how it helped YOU, and what I could have done better.
  • Pay if forward and help your industry in any way you can.
  • Continue to support the Notah Begay III Foundation and its work addressing obesity and type 2 diabetes among Native American youth (
  • Support Raving Consulting when you need top-notch consulting help from honest, smart, nice people ( Raving’s Deana Scott is smarter, nicer and more forward-thinking than I could ever hope to be.
  • Appreciate all the unsung heroes in your organization that give their hearts and souls to help you be successful.
  • Spend time, real honest time, with your customers and let them know you care and how much they mean to you.
  • Fail more often and learn more from failing.

So, thank you, Ravers, for two decades of Raving and four and half decades in this crazy industry. Thank you Chris, Steve, Amy H., Amy P., Gency, Toby, Marge, Cooper, Deana, Rob, Kat, Judi, Raquel, Sue, Colleen, Andy, Christina, Keith, Nyra and the scores of Raving Partners over the years who have shared their wisdom and generosity with our clients.

And thank you, Becky, the love of my life, my business partner, my best friend and mother and spirit of our kids – for being so giving and so forgiving of the guy you call “Rad.”

Thank you all. I hope I helped.


Dennis Conrad

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