Press Release – Northern Nevada’s Involvement in NB3FIT Week 2017

PRESS RELEASE – November 2017


Battling an Epidemic: Northern Nevada’s Involvement in NB3Fit Week, a National Health Initiative


Reno, NV – Native American Indian communities are facing an epidemic.  One out of two Native children born since 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes and 81% of Native adults are overweight or obese and 45% of 2-5 year olds are overweight. NB3Fit Week, November 5-11, 2017, is a national movement which moves this issue to the forefront, bringing together thousands of Native American youth across the country in physical activity as well as promoting drinking clean water and eating healthy foods.

A “movement” created

In November of 2016, the inaugural event, more than 10,000 young people from 110 tribes and Native American communities participated in a group exercise for one hour on one day. The “movement” was created by NB3F, an organization founded by golf broadcaster and the first Native American four-time winner of the PGA Tour, Notah Begay III.  Local Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe had over 50 kids show up for their 90-minute cross-training event. Tribal organizations across the county held walks and hikes to Native field games and obstacle courses. This year, NB3F changed the event from a day to a week, allowing participating organizations scheduling flexibility. Several tribes across the country have already registered their event for 2017, including, for the first time, the University of Nevada Reno, Native American Alumni Chapter.


The bigger story

So, what’s the big deal, committing to just one hour of exercise during one week in November? Well, it is a big deal. Unbeknownst to most people outside of American Indian communities, 1 out of 2 Native children born since 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes, and that diabetes may reduce a child’s life expectancy by 27 years. NB3F’s goal is to change the fact that 50% of Native youth are facing a life of obesity and unfulfilled years fighting health problems. According to their website, the NB3 Foundation’s goal is to provide tribes and Native American communities with the tools, information, and inspiration needed to create sustainable change in their communities that benefit their children’s health. And yes, it can start with just one hour of exercise.


Local activities

This year, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has organized a one-mile run/walk for all Pyramid Lake community members on Wednesday, November 8 at 9:00 am at the Natchez Elementary School, Wadsworth, NV. For more information, please contact Janet Davis, Coordinator, Tribal Recreation, [email protected], 775-574-2409.


The University of Nevada Reno, Native American Alumni Chapter has organized a Basketball Clinic, conducted by the University of Nevada Basketball team. It is FREE for K-6th grade students, Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 12 pm at the Reno Sparks Indian Colony Gymnasium, 34 Reservation Rd, Reno, NV.  As part of National American Indian Heritage Month, with the support of N7, tribal members can attend the Nevada Women’s Basketball game on November 24 at 2 pm and the Men’s Nevada Basketball game on November 29 at 7 pm for free with a special flyer. Contact Stephanie Wyatt, [email protected], 775-813-6551for more information.


The Reno gaming connection

Reno casino and hospitality firm Raving have been a long-time supporter of the Notah Begay III Foundation. For the last twenty years, Raving has partnered with over 137 Tribal Nations and enterprises and 65 Commercial properties along with First Nations throughout Canada. With these relationships, the Raving team knew that they could help bring awareness through their wide network and marketing muscle into promoting the first event last year.  Raving assisted NB3F in the initial foundation of the program, sharing insight and bringing in their advertising partner, Catalyst Marketing.


Raving was purchased October 1 by Deana Scott and her husband Brady Scott, a Coquille Tribal member, from long-time casino industry expert, Dennis Conrad. Raving CEO Scott shared, “Our commitment to Indian Country creates the foundation of our Raving philosophy to enrich the lives of those we serve. It is our pleasure and a wonderful challenge to continue relationships Dennis began two decades ago. Being a Diamond Sponsor of NB3Fit Week reinforces our belief in the spirit of giving and the importance of creating a positive impact on future generations. We’ve worked with tribal gaming communities across the country and in Canada; it is nice to be able to cheer the kids and families in our local community.”


About NB3F

The mission of the NB3 Foundation is to reduce Native American childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes. Since its launch in 2005, NB3F has grown its reputation and track record in Indian country in the areas of grant making, research, evaluation, direct programming and policy advocacy. NB3F invests in and works closely with grass-roots, Native-led organizations across the country that are exploring promising new practices, expanding proven methods, conducting community-based research, and evaluating impact. For more information on the NB3 Foundation, go to


About Raving

Today’s casino teams have a lot of challenges: increasing profitability in saturated and highly competitive markets, managing limited resources and upgrading technology to manage data-driven markets; all the while creating a culture of guest service excellence and value. Raving, a full-service casino and hospitality firm, has worked at hundreds of commercial and tribal properties throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally. From 360° property reviews, strategic planning and development to host & player development sales skills & training and marketing reinvestment projects, Raving has partnered with gaming organizations of all sizes to assist them in reaching their overall goals. Receive Raving’s free publications and keep up to date with the best resource for the casino and hospitality industry by visiting


For more information on this press release, contact Christine Faria, Raving Marketing, at 775-329-7864 or [email protected].

Friends of NB3 Youth Health Support the Nb3 Foundation and NB3FIT Week

Caring companies come together to create Friends of NB3 Youth Health and support the NB3 Foundation and NB3FIT Week
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