New Webinar – How to Increase Revenue From Mid-Level Players Using the Phone


How to Effectively and Efficiently Increase Revenue from Mid-Level Players Using the Phone

Presented by Daniel Wood, Raving Partner, Phone-Based Marketing Solutions and VP of Business Development at Engagex
Thursday, January 25, 2018
1 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific Time)
Register By January 23, 2018


What’s the value of an effective and efficient outbound call program?

Personal contact produces a higher response rate than direct mail, which is why it makes financial sense to assign hosts to create relationships with high value clients.

But what about your mid-level clients? Do you have an opportunity to efficiently drive more revenue from these clients?

This webinar will give you the expert insight to create an effective outbound call program or to evaluate and improve your existing program.

Does an outbound call program make financial sense for my casino?

You probably have a segment of players that fall below the hosted status but just above one of your lower segment of players. Most likely ranging between $75 and $400 ADT and which account for 30-40% of your players. They are mid-level players, have monthly offers but despite the sheer number of players in this segment, their individual worth isn’t high enough to make it worth it to host them.

Unfortunately, emails get deleted, and direct mail pieces get forgotten, even when guests are intrigued by the offer.

This webinar will show you how to effectively and efficiently create a “Semi-Hosted” team of outbound callers.

You can connect with each player in a personalized, semi-hosted fashion with a simple outbound call. You can identify and train current employees to call players in your middle segment to follow-up on the mailers or emails you’ve already sent out or give details about your current promotion. These calls create a personal touch, while spending a fraction of the time and money vs the traditional hosting.

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About Daniel Wood, VP Business Development, Engagex:

Anyone who has ever partnered with Daniel, will say that he’s uncommonly good at uncovering underutilized resources in an organization. Throughout his career, his resourcefulness and leadership have helped companies maximize company’s operational efficiencies – creating profit centers where there were none or where departments were underperforming. He worked his way through college at Arizona State in operational management. Daniel has developed strong skills in business development, corporate sales and marketing, strategic planning, networking and relationship building.

As VP of Business Development at Engagex Corp., Daniel works with casinos to show how their personalized calls have the power to increase their players ADT, win-back inactive players, and drive same-month revenue when used to deliver a promotional offer. With many casinos utilizing more digital marketing and electronic communication, his knowledge and impressive training skills on telephone sales and communications have revived this often-underutilized, but a highly effective tool. As a Raving Partner, Engagex provides gaming and hospitality clients with in-house training or outsourced services for customized call programs that act as a seamless extension of their brand as they connect personally and individually with their players. Daniel completed his BA in Business Administration from Arizona State (ASU), and when he’s not on the road assisting his clients, he loves to be outdoors spending time with his wife and five boys.



About Raving Consulting:

Raving is a full-service gaming resource and training organization specializing in player development, data analytics, guest service, strategic marketing, slots, tables, advertising, research, surveillance and fraud, online gaming, design & construct, management development, and host sales & skills training.

Since 1998 we’ve helped over 200 clients, large and small alike, with their operational and marketing needs. Our team of dedicated, experienced, best-of-breed consultants has worked in every gaming market imaginable. Small casinos, large casinos, tribal, non-tribal, bingo halls, racinos – you name it, we’ve been there.

We’ve seen loads of different situations, gaming environments, different kinds of customers, and regulatory structures. Raving clients will say that we also stand for nice people, smart people, gaming-savvy people working across the globe and not just coming in and telling you what you need to do with your casino operation. It means coming and listening to what you know you need to do and helping you get there.

Raving is proud to be an education leader in the industry, so take advantage and subscribe to our free newsletters, the best resource for gaming executives, by going to


Webinar Details:

Webinar Cost:   $179 per computer that accesses the webinar

Registration and Payment Deadline:  January 23, 2018

The seminar cost is based on the number of computers accessing the webinar, so you can set up a computer in a conference room and have a group participate in the webinar for one low price. 

Recording: We sell webinar recordings for the same price as the live webinar.  When you purchase a recording you get 90 days unlimited access to the recording, so you can use it for training sessions with managers who did not participate in the live webinar.

If you attend the live webinar and also wish to purchase the recording, we discount the recording price by 25%.

Cancellation fee: for cancellations before January 23, 2018 the registration fee will be refunded less a $59 cancellation fee.

The webinar PowerPoint presentation will be sent to participants on January 23, 2018. There are no refunds once the presentation has been sent to participants.

Questions? Just give us a holler at 775-329-7864 or email me at [email protected] . If you have any issues registering or for other technical issues, please contact our moderator, Dave Newton of CDC Gaming Seminars, at [email protected] or call him at 702-255-9891.



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