Who’s in that Santa Suit?

By Chris Faria, Raving VP of Marketing
Hey Ravers! It’s been awhile -- I’ve missed writing to you about all those things that inspire and challenge us outside of work.

See, it’s been a little crazy around here …

Just a little over a year ago, our team was having our annual holiday dinner here in Reno. It was snowing and the roads were very icy. We had just started on our appetizers when Santa and an elf came walking through the door.

Backstory – for many years, Dennis dressed as Santa and played our zany host until he got too hot and had to take the get-up off. But not this year.

This “new” Santa was Deana Scott and the elf, Brady Scott. They made it through a blizzard (without the aid of Rudolph) from their home in Oregon. This is how the team found out that Deana was our new CEO and Raving’s future owner. Dennis thought it would be a great surprise. Well, he was right. We had heard conversations, but we didn’t know it was a done deal.

There was a new Santa in town.

Now, twelve months later, Raving is a Native-owned company. Brady, a Coquille Tribal member, brings not only his culture to us, but together with Deana, they add a wealth of experience in Tribal economic development. During these last several months we have expanded our services to not only commercial casinos, but we’re working on more ways to assist Tribes in ways that Raving hasn’t done before. This old dog is learning a lot of new things.

Although John Romero would slap me for using this word, I am “excited” to build upon our 20-year relationships we’ve established in Tribal gaming and work side by side with Deana and Brady and join in their passion and commitment to tribal sovereignty. After so many years, it gives a different meaning to the work I do every day.

Recently, the Scott’s educated their new Raving family on a Pacific Northwest tradition called “Potlatch.” For Native Americans, reciprocity has always been a cultural foundation. Giving your wealth and excess to others in their time of need ensured that they would come to your aid in the future. A potlatch was given by an heir or successor to assert and validate his newly assumed social position.

And although we are not together to partake in this gift-giving event, in the spirit of this tradition, and in the spirit of our new ownership, I’d like to thank you on behalf of the Raving Team and our Raving Partners. Thank you for reading our newsletters, thank you for letting us be part of your team, thank you for coming to our conferences and our events to support NB3F, thank you for your continued belief in Raving and our new “Santa.”

Wishing you laughter and adventures for this holiday season and the new year.

Best Regards,

Christine Faria
Raving’s VP of Marketing
[email protected]

PS – Did you catch our video to promote Raving’s 20th National Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference? It makes me smile every time I watch it – these are really terrific people. I hope you can join us.

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