How Casinos Can Turn Social Gaming into a Revenue Stream – For Free


Dear Ravers,
If you don’t hop on your phone to play social games, then I bet you know someone who does. I’m even pretty sure that you know someone that spends money on some type of online or social gaming. From role-playing games, match three, tap-shooter, blackjack and video poker games, our society is hooked.
The numbers don’t lie – in 2017 it was estimated that the social online games market in the United States was worth 2.15 billion. And it’s growing.
But yet, most casinos have not found a way to integrate this type of gaming into their product mix. It’s time to begin to capture your share of this market.
And I’m not talking about using social games as an integrated part of your players club or promotions; I’m talking about using social gaming purely as an additional revenue stream for your property.
At Raving, we’re always looking for solutions for our gaming clients to not only increase their revenue streams but to diversify them. Enter Ryan Cullins with Zero 8 Studios who I met about six months ago.  

As a game developer, he’s created a social gaming platform that gives properties the opportunity to increase revenue through social gaming with, really, no risk.  So I’m thinking, why not?

We’ve been talking about social gaming for years at our conferences, but there has been a slow adoption rate at gaming properties.

And why is that?

I believe we’re making it more complicated than it needs to be.  Properties can benefit from social gaming if they don’t get hung up on needing a fully embedded solution. Complex and costly integration time has always been an issue, especially for smaller properties who don’t have the personnel, time or the financial resources to take this route.

Recognizing this, about two years ago, Ryan came up with a solution to help casinos avoid the headaches and enter casual social gaming without an initial investment. Again, for many casinos, both factors have been a barrier for them earning additional revenue. The platform is called  SpinRUSH®.

If you’re on your mobile phone click here to download the app and start playing to check it out. if you're on a desktop, checkout the SpinRUSH® Platform.

By using this type of platform (as opposed to one that is embedded on your site),  your guests can play similar games to the ones that are topping the charts in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, all with a personal casino brand. Did I mention that Ryan is a game developer? If you’re into gaming, you’ll appreciate the number of new games they turnout each month and the quality of the games. Their games meet the needs of today’s players.

What does this really mean? It means that your current customers and non-customers can play a variety of social games that are white-labeled for your property, by downloading a free app. It means that if you reach out to your current database and they start playing, you will start earning revenue. You’ll also be able to expand your database by opening it up to guests who don’t come into your casino today.
Not too shabby of a return for zero investment, right?
You may ask why Ryan has built on this type of platform that doesn’t cost casinos any money right? His team believes so much in the power of this product and its ability to gain revenue that the start-up cost is free. In-app purchases, real money exchanges being made for virtual property, and customers’ excitement to come to the casino and enjoy real-life gameplay will speak for itself.
Use the popularity of social gaming as an additional revenue stream. Sure it will be branded to your casino, but the goal is to engage a new audience and frankly, earn money. And it won’t cost you a dime. Really.
Players want to be entertained, and social games create a simple and noninvasive way for them to always be engaged with their favorite casinos every single day, without losing revenue from brick and mortar.
For more information on Zero8 and their product SpinRUSH® Games, you can contact Ryan Cullins directly at [email protected] / (844) 338-4263. Or you can give our own Amy Hergenrother [email protected]a call here at Raving (775)329-7864 to talk more about integrating social gaming at your casino.


Deana Scott
Raving CEO

PS - If you’re on your mobile phone click here to download the app and start playing to check it out. if you're on a desktop, checkout the SpinRUSH® Platform.

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Ryan Cullins

Ryan has a history in games dating back to the mid 90s. Ryan’s company, Zero 8 Studios, offers Raving clients the opportunity to engage their players through social games from anywhere in the world; while constantly exposing their brand to new players daily. Ryan’s social gaming platform also collects the information from players with a complete BI solution that can be used for targeted marketing purposes.

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