You Had Me at “Autocomplete”

By Mark Astone, Strategic Raving Partner, Branding, Advertising and Media Services and CEO, Catalyst Marketing Company

Many of our past Flash articles have focused on the importance of a strong digital advertising presence. Why is Catalyst such a big proponent of digital? Simple … because it works. From SEM to display to IP targeting, we’ve helped our clients find success online, resulting in stronger revenues for their properties.

So, what’s next? Is there a new evolution in online advertising that can give you a leg up on your competitors? There is — and we found it!

As you know, initiating a search on Google or Bing immediately presents you with pages of results to rifle through. This hierarchy of listings is established by SEM and organic algorithms. But what if you could get in front of people searching for a casino BEFORE they get to the results page? Thanks to Autocomplete, you can.

Autocomplete is a search engine feature that shows suggestions as you type your query. That means when someone searches for a casino in your market, e.g. “Oklahoma casinos,” your property could be Google’s first suggestion! Now that’s technology that moves the needle!

Until now, marketers knew this feature existed but not how to influence search engines to list their product/service as the suggested result. If you’re scratching your head right now wondering how it’s possible, how long it takes, and what it costs, we asked the same questions.

After digging into Autocomplete and seeing other businesses successfully implement it, we were sold. There’s low to no risk, the fulfillment costs are relative to other online advertising vehicles and the power to influence potential guests is game changing. We recently implemented this practice for several of our clients, and each one is already seeing their casino appear in the Autocomplete field.

Catalyst works in the gaming space every day; as such, we understand the competitive landscape and are always looking for ways to give our clients that “ace up their sleeve.” Without a doubt, Autocomplete is a. Drop me a note if you’d like to learn more about this amazing tactic — and everything else we do to help our gaming clients across the country.

Until next time!

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