Friends of NB3 Youth Health support the NB3 Foundation and NB3FIT WEEK

Caring companies come together to create Friends of NB3 Youth Health and support the NB3 Foundation and NB3FIT WEEK.


SANTA ANA PUEBLO, New Mexico (July 17, 2017) − NB3FIT WEEK is excited to announce its new Diamond Sponsor − Friends of NB3 Youth HealthFriends of NB3 Youth Health is a group of caring companies that have come together in support of the Notah Begay III Foundation and its important work in addressing the health and fitness of Native American youth. With their generous $15,000 sponsorship, they will help make NB3FIT Week the largest national Native youth health and fitness event in the country! Together, we will reach our goal of engaging 12,000 Native American youth in health and physical activity nationwide during the week of November 5th through 11th, 2017.

Friends of NB3 Youth Health are: Catalyst Marketing Company; Encompass Develop, Design, & Construc LLC; MM/R/C; mark-it Smart, Inc.; Finley & Cook; Blue Lake Casino & Hotel; and Raving Consulting Company. Not only has each company made a significant dollar contribution in support of NB3FIT Week and other NB3F activities, but the individual senior executives of Friends of NB3 Youth Health have made personal commitments as well – exercising at Native youth fitness activities; attending important Native health conferences, getting the word out among their colleagues and friends, and personally attending (and supporting) numerous fundraisers for NB3F. Continue reading

Photos from the 2017 Host Development and Casino Marketing & Technology Conferences

What happens at a Raving Conference in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas! We have photos to share from Raving's Host Development Conference along with the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference, July 17-20, Bally's Las Vegas. If you attended any Raving sessions and are looking for a copy of the presentations, please contact And if you spot yourself in any of these photos, feel free to share with your friends and network.

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Raving Partner Catalyst Expands with More In-House Casino Marketing Expertise

Award-Winning Catalyst Marketing Company
Brings Even More Casino Marketing Expertise In-House!
Adds another industry expert to their seasoned team

Fresno-CA Catalyst Marketing has added another industry expert to its already talented and experienced team of casino marketing professionals. Michael Glauser, a 24-year casino industry veteran, has joined Team Catalyst to provide data analysis and support the agency’s ever-growing group of gaming clients in California and throughout the nation.

Glauser has worked across multiple markets and property sizes in both commercial and Native American gaming.  His experience covers an array of marketing disciplines from player development to database marketing and advertising/media.

Catalyst boasts over 15 years of experience working with casino clients and believes that investing in additional casino knowledge and expertise is a key tenet to supporting their existing and potential clients. The practical experience of its team helps create lasting partnerships with each client to successfully guide them to reach their strategic goals.

“Michael has always had a passion for the casino industry and it shows in his dedication to helping properties reach their most efficient profitability,” says Catalyst CEO Mark Astone. “His creative approach to the business is a good fit for Team Catalyst and strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our clients.”

With the Catalyst CATapult™ process of evaluating the marketing needs of prospective clients, the team takes a very strategic and informed approach to creating long-term marketing programs that aim at increasing revenue, growing customer bases, developing loyalty, maximizing profitability, and building an enduring brand value.

Catalyst’s Fresno, California office will serve as ‘home base’ for Glauser.

About Catalyst Marketing: Catalyst is a group of people who do things differently – we’re Team Catalyst. Over the last 40 years, we have evolved into a full-service, driven-by-results agency, providing an unconventional approach to branding, advertising and marketing for our gaming and travel & tourism clients.

 With offices in Fresno, Costa Mesa and Honolulu, we are a team of over 38 responsive, talented professionals who are dedicated to the fields in which we serve. This eclectic mix of experience ensures that we have full control over the success and timely completion of every project for our clients.  

The Importance of Experimentation


By Azam Husain, Strategic Raving Partner, Analytics and Systems Integration Specialist and CEO, Casino Science

Summer is upon us, and with that, summer vacation!  I love vacations with the family.  My two sons are becoming good travelers.  And as such, my wife and I felt it was time to start traveling to more "exotic" locations rather than visiting Disneyland or Hawaii.  So, we tried our first travel experiment last year by traveling to Rome, Italy.  We told the boys that this trip would be more about the history, the culture, and the food of Italy.  They understood that the activities on this trip would be different and accepted the forced broadening of their experiences.  By all accounts, our Rome trip was very successful.  The boys soaked in the culture, the food, and the history.  

This year's travel experiment was Paris, France.  The trip was slightly longer than last year's vacation, but with similar goals in mind.  The outcome, however, was not as picture perfect.  The kids complained about the long lines and the excessive walking.  And this caused the kids to fight more with one another.  The weather was also not cooperative, as it rained several days during our visit.  On one day, we were caught in a torrential downpour, getting soaked to the bone.  This only added to our kids' displeasure.  And to top it off, my wife got separated from us in the Paris Metro without a phone.  We proceeded to spend the next several hours trying to track her down (we eventually found her).  

So, two travel experiments and two different outcomes.  As I was returning from Paris, I reflected on both vacations.  It got me thinking about the importance of experimentation and how running experiments leads to new insight.  Experiments are great because they allow us to learn about what works and what doesn't.  And even if something fails, there is tremendous learning in failure.  

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Five Key Ways to Improve Your F&B Operation


 By Brett L. Magnan, Raving Partner, Hospitality

What keeps a food and beverage director up at night? What’s the pebble in a GM’s shoe when it comes to a property’s F&B outlets? As a casino and hotel operator for over 30 years, I can tell you exactly which things I lost sleep over. And the things that I help Raving clients overcome today. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective or a new eye to see where the opportunities are.

There are five main areas that you should evaluate:

1. Service
2. Labor
3. Menu & Food Presentation
4. Costing and Waste
5. Financial Review

In this series, I’ll go over these five critical areas and ask you some key questions to get you and your team members thinking about how you can improve each one (and get more shut-eye).

Let’s start with SERVICE.

Does the service in F&B match the standards of the casino?
Sometimes there is some disparity between the two, and you should try to raise one to the higher level of the other. Then as you improve overall service, both will rise evenly, and you will have parity in service levels throughout the property. This cohesion creates a feeling from your guest that you are one team with a common goal of excellent service.

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A Tremendous Solution for Targeting Segments and Measuring Player Promotions

Do you struggle with identifying high value players, executing and tracking your promotions, and accurately measuring marketing initiatives? We've got a solution!

Dear Ravers,

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
You need a better approach for targeting players with promotions; your current process is too laborious, taking days or weeks to craft a single targeted list.

- Your marketing team does not want to spend weeks or months learning a complex business intelligence product – they want a solution that is tailored to their exact goals and challenges.

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Connect with Raving at OIGA

Will you be attending the OIGA Conference and Tradeshow this July in Oklahoma City? If so, let's meet up!

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Improving Loyalty Programs May Just Be a Selfie Away

Why phones are key to improving guest engagement

 By Deana Scott, CEO, Raving Consulting

As a society, we are obsessed with our phones. Sure, we realize it, but it wasn’t until I spent the day observing it that I truly saw the addiction. It was Easter Sunday, and I was enjoying an amazing brunch in San Diego complete with endless Mimosas. My husband and I were laughing and enjoying a conversation along with sending a few pictures to our kids when I began to look around the restaurant. Everyone in our section was engaged with their mobile device rather than the person in front of them. A table of twenty-something girls were texting and taking selfies; a couple sat across from each other gazing into their phones, and a family of four sat silently mesmerized with their devices. A few hours later we were sitting at the beach enjoying the fresh ocean air and warm sunshine when I noticed it again.

All around me, phones had become the center of attention. A woman spent eight minutes (yes, I timed it; at this point, it was research) flipping her hair and posing for the perfect selfie while others were taking their phones with them into the water. Yes, in the ocean, to continue a conversation or snap a few photos. From young to old, our phones have become our BFFs and an extension of our personal image.

Mobile devices have transformed how we interact in all aspects of our life. We can do everything on our phone, except interact with our casino players clubs. Imagine the possibilities if we embrace this technology to deliver our loyalty club experience.

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Raving’s Solutions Magazine July 2017 Issue

Your New Raving Strategic Solutions Magazine has arrived!

Check out what's inside!


If you're attending the Casino Marketing and Technology Conference later this month, swing by Raving's booth #306 to pick-up your complimentary copy of the magazine, fresh off the press thanks to our partners at CSG Direct!

From your favorite columnists:

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Despite Our Division – Why We Come Together and Celebrate

We're divided, sure.

Even more reason to celebrate this country that we're so passionate about.


By Christine Faria, VP Marketing, Raving Consulting Company

For many gaming folks, the 4th of July is a day spent at the casino creating a time-honored atmosphere for their guests.

Independence Day fills your hotel elevators with overly-excited kids smelling of chlorine and wet bathing suits; your chef has created a menu unaltered from the 50s, featuring lots of mayo-based salads, blistered hot dogs and red, white and blue cakes; and most of your female customers are wearing t- shirts with rhinestone flags across their chests.

Despite our polarized nation (the most divided in two decades) and in the face of unrelenting, negative news updates, we will come together tomorrow and …

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