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Steve Browne and Nicole Barker combine Host & Player Development Sales Skills & Training with Data Analytics

“I have implemented a sales driven host strategy plan with the direction of Steve Browne here at Little River in October of 2015.  I have a total of six Casino Hosts that are focused on growth (hunters) and six VIP Services reps that are focused on retention of our current VIP tier card holders (huggers).  Since October, we have had double digit growth in our $200, $400, and 600+ ADT segments.  My host team, with the help of my PD coordinator, utilize the reports and data templates provided by Steve and the team at Raving and have formulated a very powerful approach to casino marketing.

The program works, Steve and team provide everything you need for a successful launch.  I have since modified a few areas to best serve my operation a bit but the structure for the program is very close to what Steve had provided at training.  Before we even went live we had hosts on the floor making “touch’s” and we instantly started seeing the value of the program, a properly incented host is a very valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.”

Chad Eckhardt, Player Development Manager, Little River Casino Resort

“Outstanding!  Motivating!  Exactly what our team needed. Steve did an amazing job developing rapport with the group and delivering the much needed message/content.

Nicole’s pre-meeting analysis has already identified SUBSTANTIAL areas of business we were leaving on the table. Did Steve maybe talk too much at times, of course.   Would I have asked him to do anything differently, never!

I have heard from numerous other directors and executives about how good it was, and some of these are not exactly supporters of our cause.  So not only did this course give my team the much needed tools they needed to improve their skill set, it has provided a bridge to mend some fences with other departments who I need to be on board with us to move this property forward.  Thank you for your help in putting this together for us.”

Steve Neely, Chief Marketing Officer, Casino Del Sol Resort

“Hi Amy,

I can’t tell you enough about what a wonderful job Steve did. He captured everyone’s attention from the minute we sat down until the class was over. Even things that we already knew …were given to us in a new light and a new perspective. It was a refreshing boost and a truly wonderful week. Steve’s energy is amazing and his knowledge is world class. I hope I have the pleasure again of being one of his students.

Thank you, Trisha”

Trisha Giancola, Player Development Executive, Foxwoods Resort Casino

Proactive Security and Surveillance Skills

“Derk Boss is a true professional and he definitely knows the surveillance and security field like no other. He is an excellent instructor and knows how to simplify very complex subject matter that is part of the courses he creates and installs. Many will, and have, benefited from his teachings and his philosophies, especially his dedication to ‘proactive’ surveillance techniques. It is well worth the investment.”

Anthony Borges, CSP, Surveillance Director, Pechanga Gaming Commission

“Derk Boss is a true professional and he definitely knows the surveillance and security fields like no other. He is an excellent instructor and knows how to simplify very complex subjects in the courses that he presents. Many will benefit from his teachings and his philosophies and is well worth the investment.”

Ronald Flores, CSP, Pechanga Gaming Commission

“Deal to the Rail” – Dealer Guest service training

“The training was timed perfectly and was a springboard to quite a few changes for our team. Everyone here is still buzzing and excited. We are in the middle of our first guest service focus exercise and have started assessing each other with Steve’s 20-40-60-80 game. It was outstanding and as usual Steve brought it to the table Browne style.  Top notch. Thanks a bunch.”

Robert Moritz, Gaming Operations Director, Downstream Casino Resort

“Steve was great in delivery and targeting his audience.  Many people related to him and this included the bingo hall employees.  I look forward to the follow up training.”

“Steve did an excellent job. He relates with table games and shares stories during breaks. I witnessed several employees listening and paying attention. I even heard a statement from a dealer that has been dealing for awhile say ‘I know most of this stuff but I need to practice it, I am like a robot out there!’ This dealer  seems to be doing better in engaging guests. I  look forward to another training.”

Team members, Ho-Chunk Gaming Nekoosa & Wittenberg, Wisconsin, per Adam Estes, Table Games Operation Manager

Raving Conferences

“I still remember my first Raving conference. I was in awe. I still remember the power of Steve Browne, whose real life experiences showed what casino marketing should be about, magic. We can all so easily become so involved in our own property that we get ‘tunnel vision’ and we don’t take the time to open our eyes to what everyone else is doing that is different, unique and is working. I have now been in casino marketing for over 20 years and I still walk away from every Raving conference with new ideas. When I go to a Raving Conference, I know that I am going to hear Speakers who are real. By real, I mean that they have actually walked the walk. A person can ‘go by the book’ on what SHOULD work in Casino Marketing, but the ‘books’ don’t always take into account the ‘human’ factor. I go to the Raving Conference because the ‘experts’ have true experiences and that, to me, is where the real knowledge is.”

Shannon Redmond, Director of Marketing, Rivers Casino

“I attend a lot of conferences and seminars, not only are yours the most interesting and entertaining…they are the most informative. Not sure how much you shop your competition, but UNR, UNLV, WIGA, & NIGA all are traditional formats. After the hour long PowerPoint the teacher’s stay at the front of the class for the customary 5 minutes then they leave. Here is what happens at a Raving Conference:

    • You encourage interaction (not just with the vendors but with the attendee’s). I learn a lot at your networking breaks from my colleagues as a result. I also learn way more from your vendors. I have already contacted (2) of your vendors since February for possible bids and it was the extra time that I spent with them that made me really understand what they were offering and how it would fit our business.
    • You have workshop formats ( I love the small classrooms with the case study examples). Group learning is fun.
    • Your Topics & Teachers Are Different: A PHD Math teacher, schooling marketing departments on promotions and math; Jean Scott a customer, schooling Marketing Departments in what really matters to customers…this is a much different format then most.
    • You Celebrate Us: Guess who says thank you??? Raving does. We have won two Diamond Romero’s, we have had the chance to have experts like you and John Romero judge our work and say…yes…great job. Sounds weird, but that type of recognition, to know I am doing something right and that other experts appreciate it, that really matters to me.

You also have industry parties for the people that attend the conferences… You have awards and peer recognition. You say thank you all the time.”

Sean Vestal, former Director of Marketing, Clearwater Casino Resort

“Engagex considers Raving’s National Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference the industry’s flagship conference each year! As a phone based marketing company, we are passionate about our business services and are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow within Tribal gaming. The most impactful opportunities happen when we are able to meet with potential casino clients in person in order to understand some of their challenges and how our services offer solutions to these challenges. This conference is an extremely valuable resource for Engagex to do just that. Raving is one of the most trusted resources in Tribal gaming. Raving’s conference is always well supported by strategic partners and well attended by Tribal casinos.”

Daniel Wood, VP Business Development, Engagex

“TransAct considers Raving’s National Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference one of the best events we do all year. Content-rich sessions, high-quality attendees and careful planning by Raving make this a must-do event for us.”

Tracey Chernay, Senior Vice President, Global Casino, Gaming and Lottery, TransAct

Diversity and leadership training

“I watched Marin in action at the Raving Conference in Morongo, CA last year. He was a delight to listen to, talking mostly about how tribal leaders see business and how they make their decisions from a tribal community perspective. I highly recommend him as he’s filled with a lot of working knowledge about bridging the cultural gap. I’m tribal and even I learned a lot from him. Hyschqe, (Thank you)”

Aaron M. Thomas, MBA, Haw-het-ton, Director of Marketing, Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa


Strategically aligning the hotel and casino for a more profitable organization: Steve Browne and Nicole Barker combine Host & Player Development Sales Skills & Training with Data Analytics and Direct Marketing

“I loved having Steve and Nicole here. It’s refreshing to talk to people who can directly identify with our concerns.  I especially appreciated Nicole reaching out to our hotel managers.  I think she helped in some communication issues we had with them. I like her approach in creating a program to address our main issues with the hotel, which includes tracking data, managing and creating projects with and for them.  Steve and Nicole were very thorough in their content and suggested follow through. I have nothing but good things to say about these two.”

Laura Stensgar, Executive Marketing Director, Coeur D’ Alene Casino Resort & Hotel

Direct Mail Analytical Toolkit Matrices and Training

“Nicole Barker [Raving Partner Datatase & Loyalty Marketing] and Tami Jones [Raving Partner Direct Marketing, CSG Direct Mail] did a wonderful job. I feel that for the first time, Sho Ka Wah is equipped to structure, run and analyze a comprehensive direct mail strategy that is both effective and efficient. This was the last piece of the puzzle that has been missing. Now we have the needed tools to execute and truly impact business results. We have a young, dedicated and very talented marketing team that will put this new knowledge and the analytical tools to immediate use. The entire team came away with a great deal from this training. Nicole is a great resource and we appreciate her experience, expertise and advice.”

Roman W. Carrillo, Jr., former Director of Marketing, Sho Ka Wah Casino

Steve Browne and Nicole Barker combine Host & Player Development Sales Skills & Training with Data Analytics

“As expected, the program was amazing, and I can’t think of one reason why any property would not invest in their team. Steve was fantastic, he kept the group engaged throughout and brought valuable life lessons.

Nicole had them at hello, and the team was left wanting more from her. The straightforward analytics she presented were easy for everyone to understand and gave each of them the platform to move only in an upward direction.

Thank you again for helping us develop a host team that will now be able to work smarter and want to perform at their very best!! I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

Update One Year Later We had a really good 2014 and starting 2015 off even better. We finished ahead of plan for January and forecast to do the same for February! Unheard of in this market this time of you. Steve & Nicole’s training was well worth it!”

Jennifer Jones, Director of Casino Marketing, Rivers Casino

Guest Service Training

“April 8, 2013 –  Hello Steve:  I just wanted to say Thank You for coming to our casino and helping us with our Customer Service. There have been many employees that have said it was one of the BEST training events they have gone too. Managers have called already wanting to continue this within their departments. I really enjoyed this event myself. I have been to many customer service classes, and this one was by far the most interesting one. You kept the employee’s attention and should I say it… they are RAVING about it …  So glad to meet you, and when we decide we need some outside training again your company will be first on the list! Again Thank You!”

Carrie Johnson, HR Training Manager, Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel

Marketing and Database Analysis

“I see SUCH huge differences in what we do now as compared to what we did before Raving. For the month of March 2011 – our year over year gaming revenue has gone up +8.5%. Our competition: Evangeline Downs (-7.8%), Amelia Bell (-7.5%), Baton Rouge Market (-6.7%). I give Raving so much credit for all of our improvements.”

Shannon Redmond, former Director of Marketing, Cypress Bayou Casino

B2B Marketing services

Jason Newkirk, President of Slot Service Guard and Midwest Representative to Acres 4.0, hired Raving to do a marketing campaign, with Christine Faria being the consultant of record for the project. Chris produced an email marketing piece introducing his product to the industry as well as works with Jason on editing his individual marketing pieces. Jason shared:

What can I say about Chris? Well … she can take my convoluted, hodgepodge ramblings and make them into something that will keep readers interested and entertained while still getting the point across. She takes the time to figure out what I want to say, then says it better than I ever could. The first article Chris wrote about my product was done in such an effective manner that I had over 30 properties contact me within a week inquiring about the Slot Service Guard. It has been an honor working with and getting to know Chris, she is my new bud.”

Slot Ambassador

“I have heard a lot of comments about the recent training; they have all been positive. One employee told me that it was the best training that we have had. They really enjoyed the trainer and used the word ‘great’ when describing the trainer. He kept them focused on the subject and made it fun. He had everyone involved in the exercises and competing with each other. Overall the customers have enjoyed the extra attention that they are receiving when they are being profiled by the Ambassadors. This has been a very positive experience for the Ambassadors and they are coming away from the training with a new perspective.”

Steve Wyman, Slot Operations Manager, Feather Falls Casino

Host & Player Development

“Steve’s training, analysis and follow up reporting for the Player Development program here was nothing short of outstanding. His materials and subject matter were exactly what we needed when we needed it. He kept the interest and attention of everyone at the highest level possible at all times. I have recommended that we schedule follow-up sessions (on-property) with Steve.”

Bill Nucciarone, former Marketing Director, Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort

“This information is going to be critical for our success. We know we have some big goals but this training will give us more confidence that we can get there.”

Southern California Casino Player Development Executive

Guest Service Design Program

The project we undertook with Raving Consulting’s assistance has been extremely beneficial for our associates, guests and our community. Since the initial start of the program, guest service scores have been rising, our associates and management have completely “bought into” the program. Everyone is talking standards – smile & greet, name & meet, thank you, goodbye and good luck. With Steve’s assistance we were able to design a program that is unique to our property.

Emily Lauzon, Director of Education/Recruitment, Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

Lovin’ from Linked In

“It is said that great success in life is usually the result of taking advantage of rare opportunities. Dennis Conrad makes others successful by creating rare opportunities in our Casino industry with his keen observations, his lighthearted, yet, serious analysis, his insightful suggestions, and his unique talent to present complex issues in easily understandable terms and without simplification. This talent permeates both, his exceptional writing style and his phenomenal, engaging presentations.No wonder John Romero wholeheartedly endorses Dennis. Like John, Dennis is the epitome of sensible, practical, and enlightened marketing concepts and guest service approaches.”

Executive Director Human Resources and HR Development at Barona Resort & Casino

“Dennis and the Raving Consulting team are one of the best in the industry when it comes to understanding the needs of guests. They provide hands on training based on practical experience in the business. My first experience with Raving was assisting us in developing a team of Player Services Ambassadors which allowed us to significantly increase our rated player database. At a second property, Raving was successful in enhancing the knowledge and techniques for at team of Casino Hosts in the area of player rewards, retention and development . The training helped each Host focus on the importance of paying attention to detail, as well as properly evaluating and rewarding players. I would recommend Dennis and his team to any Casino looking to improve guest relations, retention and player development.”

Rodney Ferguson, former CEO & General Manager, Spirit Mountain Casino & Resort