Raving’s 20th National Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference 2018 Agenda

ONE-DAY SEMINAR Raving NEXT Conference: Innovative Strategies that Drive Profit

Monday, January 29

7:00  AM

Registration Open & Morning Breakfast

Sponsored by CasinoTrac

8:15 AM — 10:15 AM

Setting the stage for innovation

The Raving NEXT Think Tank

The Raving NEXT program is about fully understanding the challenges we face in our industry and developing a roadmap for the opportunities that lie ahead. We’re kicking off this event with a two-hour “think tank” with a format and a goal unlike any other traditional conference. This first session will set the stage for the entire day. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, speak out, contribute and absorb. Take advantage of the wealth of experience, education, and insight in the room.

We have gathered the most innovative and knowledgeable tribal leaders and influencers from across the country to tackle the most pressing issues facing Indian gaming today. In a round table format, we will undertake the challenges that have been identified before the event that you consider (yes— attendees will decide), the most critical facing our industry’s success.

In this very interactive and hands-on format, attendees will leave with an exclusive insight and a greater network of industry leaders. After the conference, all attendees will be sent a Raving NEXT report, summarizing the solutions developed during the morning’s “think tank.” Don’t miss this opportunity to shape what’s NEXT in our industry.

10:30 AM — 11:15 AM

What Is NEXT for Indian Gaming?

Moving forward as an industry

As we travel throughout Indian Country, strategies to combat competition are top of mind. Revenues have bounced back, but we’re not seeing the growth we enjoyed prior to the recession. Some tribes have struggled with the new reality of near saturated markets and dwindling budgets. On top of that, each tribal nation continues to face its own evolving market conditions and political environments.

The industry’s leading expert on economic analysis to Tribal business, public policy, regulatory, and litigation matters will share what will be the most significant factors impacting the Indian gaming industry moving forward. Can the tribes meet these future challenges by wielding their cooperative influence? What are the next steps to protect tribal sovereignty and to protect the economic base that now funds so many critical programs?

Presenter:  Alan P. Meister, Ph.D., Principal Economist, Nathan Associates

11:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Networking Break

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Balancing the needs of tomorrow with the short term needs of our constituents today

Is it really capital improvements versus tribal programs?

Once state of the art and novel, tribal casino properties were the preferred gambling and resort destinations compared to the well-worn, mirrored and stale likes of riverboat properties, and the gambling halls of Reno, Vegas and Atlantic City. Now, many of these formerly modern and fresh properties are over two decades old. And during this heyday of building, of converting tilt ups and old bingo halls to multi-starred resorts, our casinos were providing consistent increases in cash flows. Tribal budgets and programs have also increased, to which tribal members have become accustomed.

Now our industry faces increased competition, saturation and smaller share of wallet, therefore, capital reinvestment becomes a choice between tribal needs and investing in our core business.

In this session, we’ll discuss the roadmap on how to determine whether further capital investment into our gaming properties will provide for the long term needs of our constituents. How do we keep our product viable? Where can tribal casinos see the biggest return on investments? Can we learn from examples of lack of reinvestment, such as racetracks? Is the answer to constrict spending? How are progressive tribes’s approaching their development initiatives? Are they diverting their casino profits into new business ventures or reinvesting in their existing properties?

Moderator: Deana Scott, CEO, Raving Consulting

Panelists: John Stewart, President, Encompass Develop, Design & Construct; Brady Scott, CEO, Tribal One Broadband Technologies; Michael Peters, CEO, Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

12:15 PM — 1:30 PM

Keynote Luncheon: Attaining the “impossible” dream for yourselves and your tribe

What we can learn from the first Native American Astronaut

Suspended from college his sophomore year, for spending more time rock climbing rather than studying, our keynote presenter knows a little something about challenge. About failure and incredible success. About dreaming the impossible. About partnerships.

From near college dropout to United States Naval Aviator and the first Native American Astronaut, Dr. John B. Herrington can site several parallels in his life to the immense challenges and successes tribal gaming has overcome and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Harrington was born in rural Oklahoma. He credits his mother as the driving force on keeping his family connected to their tribe, the Chickasaw, and their heritage.

His dream of flying in space started at a young age. In the 1960s, most kids had that dream. America and the Soviet Union were locked in a competitive race to see who could claim the title of first in space and first on the moon. People followed every broadcast about rockets launching and the latest details about the space program. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon when Herrington was ten years old. It was the perfect age to become attached to an impossible dream. He used to take a cardboard box and sit in the basement of his house, imagining he was an astronaut, soaring into space and seeing the earth below him. His dream became a reality in 2002 when, as a Mission Specialist on STS-113, he flew to the International Space Station.

Join us for this motivating story of a man who has always asked, “What’s Next?” Who has devoted his life, after space travel, to understand the motivating factors behind why some Native American students are successful at pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and who have overcome incredible odds to achieve their dream of an education. Be reminded of how every day we have the power to attain our own impossible dream.

Keynote Speaker: John B. Herrington, Ph.D., retired United States Naval Aviator and former NASA Astronaut

1:30 PM — 2:15 PM

Grooming the NEXT generation of players

Do we even understand what’s happening on our slot floor today and are we failing our current guests?

Task force group one: How do we design a slot floor of the future for the next generation of players? Task force group two: Are we delivering a positive gaming experience for our current players? Task force group three: How can our slot product make us more money?

The complexity of our slot games are making it more and more difficult to manage the player experience and truly understand the hold. Some games are designed to make the game look successful with high coin in; however, all we’re doing is taking our players money quicker and the player experience goes into the toilet. Are traditional slot manufacturers really giving our players what they want? Are our demands for a better player experience: skilled based gaming, more time on device, and more frequent bonuses– impossible to deliver while maintaining our margins? Are we truly selecting the right games to meet our player’s needs? Can we have it all?

In this session, learn what we need to do to align our divergent interests to drive future business tomorrow and in the next decade.

Moderator: Deana Scott, CEO, Raving Consulting

Panelists: Kevin Parker, President, Lynx Gaming Systems; Bryan Hayes, Vice President, Analytics & Slot Operations, Foxwoods Resort Casino & Jay Sevigny, President, VGT

2:15 PM — 2:30 PM

Networking Break

2:30 PM — 3:15 PM

Legalized online gaming and sports betting

How will this expansion of gaming impact tribes? Are there opportunities to capitalize on it or will this be another hit for Tribal gaming?

The conversation continues. In California tribes are polarized on legalized online poker. Michigan and other states that have tribal gaming as well as states with commercial gaming recognize the demand for online gambling and have been making steps towards the legalization of this type of offering.

What can we learn from the states that have already legalized online gaming? What are the implications of sports betting? How can you position yourself to bridge the gap between bricks and mortar and this online world? Is this only an opportunity for large properties or can small casinos also take advantage? Hear about new strategies that can better prepare your casino for what’s next in gaming.

Moderator: Chris Grove, Managing Director, Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

Panelist: Rob Gallo, President, Peak Gaming Group; Scott Hanson, Corporate Vice President Table Games, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

3:15 PM — 3:30 PM

Networking Break

3:30 PM — 4:15 PM

How you can leverage employee engagement to drive revenue?

What can we do today to secure our labor face for tomorrow?

According to a recent Gallup State of the Workplace Survey, only 33% of employees are engaged at work, which means 67% of our employees are checked out. According to Gallup, “Employee engagement is the outcome of actively engaging employees through a strategy that drives improvement.” The difference between an engaged employee and a non-engaged employee is huge. Engaged employees are proactive and looking for ways to improve the guest experience or innovate. A non-engaged employee is disengaged and is actively sabotaging the organization.

This issue becomes even more complex as many regions are facing record low unemployment rates making it even more difficult to hire people with experience. Employee engagement is no longer a buzz word or a feel good human resources course. The long-term success of our tribal organizations is dependent upon a new approach to compensation, benefits and training philosophies.

Moderator: Paula Allen, Director of Leadership and Guest Services, 7 Cedars Casino

Panelists: Deann Kamalani, Director of Marketing, Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino; Deb Hilgeman, Ph.D., Senior Raving Partner, Market Research

4:15 PM – 4:30 PM


4:30 PM – 5:15 PM

The NEXT Best Thing

What technology do we need to be competitive?
In our previous sessions, we’ve discussed everything from capital improvements to technological advancements considered vital to meet the needs of our guests. With so many options, so many providers, so many influencers saying, “you must buy this to be competitive,” really, how do you determine the return on investment? When Tribal Council, GMs and CFOs are asking, “how much is too much,” what is the answer?

Some progressive operators say we have enough technology; it is how we use it. How do you evaluate the ROI on new technology? When do you jump first and when do you wait for your competitors to try it? Hear from financial and marketing experts on what the best guidelines are before you jump into yet another investment.

Moderator: Azam Husain, CEO, Casino Science

Panelists: Kevin Huddleston, CPA, CGMA, CFF, Partner, Finley & Cook; Rich Rader, Chief Technology Officer, Umpqua Indian Development Corporation

Raving’s 20th National Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference

Monday, January 29

7:00  AM – 7:00 PM

Registration Open

5:15 PM — 7:15 PM

Welcome reception and tradeshow for attendees of Raving NEXT and Raving’s 20th National Indian Gaming National Analytics and Marketing Conference

This is where it all begins! Make sure to schedule your flights to attend this event. Meet your fellow attendees, sponsors and presenters, while enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Explore the quality marketing and analytics products and services of exhibitors prepared to show you additional ways to grow your gaming business. Start earning points and prizes utilizing Raving’s conference online engagement gaming software, Raving Play. This is a perfect icebreaker and start to a rigorous two days of learning and relationship building! Registration will be open all day; you can come early, pick up your conference materials, get the lay of the land. Then return at 5:15 pm for the reception.

9:00 PM — 1:00 AM

Karaoke at La Cantina

We know you are out there. You with the big voices (Janet Hawk), you with your signature songs (Dennis Conrad), those of you who love to be entertained but will never go on stage. When you’re done with dinner, stop by the Cantina Lounge and get your voice on for karaoke with your Raving pals.

Tuesday, January 30

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Registration Open, Full Breakfast & Exhibitor Displays — ON TRADESHOW FLOOR

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Opening celebration and peer to peer event – Durant Grand Theater

It’s a new year, a new conference, and anything and everything is possible. What will you and your team accomplish in 2018? This past year we’ve done a lot of research on how to improve your conference experience and we’re excited to take this next step into learning with you. Human beings, with their wealth of experiences and knowledge, are the biggest asset of any great event. You’ve told us that you attend these conferences to find solutions. In this opening session, we’ll connect you with your peers that have been in the trenches testing new programs and technologies. We’ll connect you with other executives that will benefit from your trials and errors this past year. You won’t want to miss this ground breaking session – as the connections you build this morning will develop throughout the entire conference.

Welcome and Introductions: Deana Scott, CEO, Raving Consulting

Facilitators: Nicole Barker, Senior Raving Partner, Database & Loyalty Marketing; Andrea McCurry, Senior Director, Biometrica Systems, Inc.; Janet Hawk, Raving Partner, Player Development and Marketing

9:45 AM — 10:15 AM

Networking Break Exhibit Hall

10:15 AM – 11:00 AM

Loyalty 360

Is it possible? Is it worth the effort?
Our guests expect it. They expect complete knowledge and recognition of their spend and tenure as a customer across all outlets. Our CFOs expect it. What is the true profitability of a guest after redemption? As marketers we expect it of our systems and of ourselves. A true and reliable tally of customer spend and operational expenses is no longer a nice to have, but a have to have.

Assume you have it. Then what? In this session, we will release the Loyalty 360 kraken. We will wrap our tentacles around offer layering, building customer profiles that reflect spend beyond slot centric models, and wrangle tactics that truly connect without eroding margins.

It’s a mammoth task to bring all data points together under one tent. It’s a mammoth task to prepare reports that accurately assess spend, recognize variant margins, and capture redemption in real time across all outlets. Is it worth it? You bet.

Presenter: Nicole Barker, Senior Raving Partner, Database & Loyalty Marketing

11:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Networking Break Exhibit Hall

11:30 AM — 12:15 PM

Why players clubs are obsolete for our evolving player base

What’s NEXT and who is making strides to change this?

Our world is surrounded by technology that makes everything we do more convenient and individualized to our needs. From purchasing products to our entertainment experiences, businesses are making it easier for us to get exactly what we want, quicker. Well, except in one type of business, yes, our casino business.

We still make our guests wait in line for printed players club cards. Compared to other loyalty clubs, where all you need is a cell number. Then we send them to Slot-slide service and access to account information which is clunky and inconsistent. How in the world have other industries figured out who we are, what our preferences are, and how to give us what we want by a swipe of a card or a push of a button and the casino industry can’t figure out how to provide personalized, complete and easy service from our players location?

What companies have introduced the best technology, for not only streamlining the duties for slot and host personnel but making guest interaction with our systems easier? Why is our technological evolution so slow compared to other industries and what can operators do about it? Should our players clubs continue to be stationary?

Moderator: Deana Scott, CEO, Raving Consulting

Panelists: Ryan Cullins, CEO, Zero 8 Studios; Andy Fisher, Senior Manager, Product Management, IGT; Samantha McDonald, DBA, AGM, Seven Feathers Casino Resort

12:15 PM — 1:30 PM

Luncheon Presentation – The results of Raving’s 2nd Annual Indian Gaming National Marketing Survey: Learning from industry trends

One of last year’s most popular sessions and our most requested industry report of 2017, Raving is pleased to present results from our in-depth, blind survey of senior tribal casino marketing executives from all across the United States. Raving’s Research Partner, Dr. Deb Hilgeman, will be presenting some very interesting data from the compiled comparisons, some of it certainly around the area of casino promotions, but much more broad marketing information as well. What are current reinvestment ratios? Are social media tools overtaking traditional media ones? Is the use of free play as a promotion growing or shrinking, and do tribal casino marketers think it should be growing or shrinking? You will find the answers to these and many more pertinent marketing questions from Raving’s own “Dr. Deb” in our annual Indian Gaming National Marketing Survey.

Presenter: Deb Hilgeman, Ph.D., Senior Raving Partner, Market Research

1:30 PM — 2:00 PM

Networking Break Exhibit Hall

Concurrent Workshops

2:00 PM — 3:15 PM

Workshop 1 – How to get Raving Response(TM) from all your communication channels

Learn how to improve your response rate and increase your ROI by combining your different marketing tools. Make your email, direct mail and call center play nice together to improve response rates. Save time and money and capitalize on resources. Learn the secret sauce and walk away with a worksheet to evaluate your property’s ROI.

Workshop Leaders: Lorrie Hellekson, CEO, CSG Direct and Carter Buck, President/CEO, Engagex

Concurrent Workshops

2:00 PM — 3:15 PM

Workshop 2 – How to use analytics, technology and staff to drive more trips and impact flat revenues

Chances are there’s a group of players that you’re missing that are just a personal phone call away from being loyal customers. We devote most of our resources to our top end players, missing out on opportunities to grow our middle segment of players. In this workshop, you will learn how, even with limited staff, to use all the tools at your fingertips to impact the bottom line. Raving’s host and player development team will walk you through an interactive session where we take typical “host” tactics to capture more visits from these players.

Workshop Leaders: Steve Browne, Senior Raving Partner, Player Development and Guest Service; Janet Hawk, Raving Partner, Player Development and Marketing; Daniel Wood, VP of Business Development, Engagex

Concurrent Workshops

2:00 PM — 3:15 PM

Workshop 3 – The math every marketer should know: the most valuable and least painful arithmetic class you’ll ever take!

As a casino marketer our primary product is slots. How can you effectively market a product you don’t understand? Learn the terms and math behind these machines as they get more complicated? Why do you need to know this? Do you need a refresher on the entire math that goes into just about everything we touch in our casinos? Maybe you never did get that primer and you know your advancement depends on this. We promise, this won’t be as painful as high school algebra. Find out through a series of exercises (and a booklet you can take home), what every marketing person know about slot-points, promotions, including the understanding of how free play fits into the mix.

Workshop leader: Andrea McCurry, Senior Director, Biometrica Systems, Inc. and Kevin Parker, President, Lynx Gaming Systems

Concurrent Workshops

2:00 PM — 3:15 PM

Workshop 4 – Rebranding Reloaded – Developing a roadmap before you jump into this expensive marketing venture

It happens all the time. New leadership comes in and says, “We need to do a rebrand.” The CFO knows that it is much more than changing out the logo or updating the tagline, they’ve been through this time and time again and it drives them crazy. When is the right time or is it necessary for a rebrand at your tribal casino? How do you evaluate the hidden costs before you start your process? And what is the process? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll leave with a strategic roadmap to understand when/how to perform a complete rebrand that resonates with your gaming guests to drive continued and new business. Rebranding is a major marketing feat and every executive should understand what resources are required when tackling a project like this. You will leave prepared to impress the CFO & GM with your plan to rebrand.

Workshop leader: Mark Astone, CEO and Josh Williams, Business Development Manager at Catalyst Marketing Company

3:15 PM – 3:45 PM

Networking Break Exhibit Hall

Concurrent Workshops

3:45 PM — 5:00 PM

Concurrent Workshops

5:00 PM — 6:30 PM

Cocktails & Conversations

Sometimes the best learning happens outside the classroom. Didn’t get a chance to ask a question during a session? Want to get the real inside scoop on free play, or what you really should be paying for entertainment? Want to know what it’s like to be an analyst in a region that you’ve been thinking about relocating to? This is your chance to relax after a long day, and have some honest conversations. Our presenters are approachable, and you can learn lots from your peers.

Location: Redbud/Outdoor Veranda on the conference level

Sponsored by Houston Productions and Etix

8:00 PM — 1:00 AM

Special Slot Tournament for Conference Attendees

The marketing folks at Choctaw Casino are holding a special slot tournament just for us! All you need to do is show up at any time between 8:00 PM and 10 PM by the slot tournament area located next to the La Cantina and get ready to push those buttons! You must have your name tag in order to participate. The overall top 10 scores will win a share of $1,000 in Free Play! Winners will be posted at the slot tournament area following the completion of the tournament at 10 PM and can pick up their Free Play at that time. Free Play is valid until 11 PM on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Location: Slot Tournament Area Next to the La Cantina

9:00 PM — 1:00 AM

Karaoke at La Cantina

We know you are out there. You with the big voices (Janet Hawk), you with your signature songs (Dennis Conrad), those of you who love to be entertained but will never go on stage. When you’re done with dinner, stop by the Cantina Lounge and get your voice on for karaoke with your Raving pals.

Wednesday, January 31

7:30 AM — 8:30 AM

Full Breakfast & Exhibitor Displays — ON TRADESHOW FLOOR

8:30 AM — 9:15 AM

Don’t shoot the messenger: But are promotions dead?

Re-evaluating our time honored promotions and if they really drive incremental revenue

When we all started back in the day, just about all we had were promotions to reward our guests. Remember printing entries for multiple drawings to reward our players? Now we reward our players with points, mail offers, gifts of the month, invited guest parties plus outrageous promotions. Things like big car giveaways or tiny houses that still eat up our marketing budgets. Are big promotions still relevant given all of the other ways we reward our players? If we didn’t plan promotions, what would we fill our calendars with? No big promotions – that’s blasphemy, you say? How can you stop doing something that we’ve been doing the last twenty years?

In this session we take a new look at what type of promotions will complement our existing players club benefits. What promotions truly drive profit and which ones need to be put in the “been there, done that” pile of non-data driven marketing ideas. Attendees will take home an audit sheet for field testing if their promotions truly do drive incremental revenue.

Moderator: Dennis Conrad, President Emeritus, Raving Consulting

Panelists: Suzanne Trout, Chief Marketing Officer, Foxwoods Resort Casino; Michael Michaud, VP of Marketing, Grand Casino Hinckley; Wendy Carter, Senior Director of Marketing, Choctaw Casinos

9:15 AM — 9:45 AM

Networking Break Exhibit Hall

Concurrent Workshops

9:45 AM — 11:00 AM

Concurrent Workshops

11:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Networking Break Exhibit Hall

11:30 AM — 12:15 PM

Predictive analytics and modeling

What is it? Who is doing it and why you need to get there to outpace your competitors

Although predictive analytics & modeling have been industry buzzwords for several years now, most casino organizations still rely on past data (i.e., good old spreadsheets) to make their strategic marketing decisions. Backward-looking marketing tracking is available to all; while marketing applications and tools for predictive analytics and modeling to some seem like a dark science.

If the goal of our marketing teams is to create more personalized and relevant messages for increasingly selective buyers and to create customized marketing campaigns that engage key decision makers, predictive analytics and modeling can lead to that marketing success for casino marketers. And after years in the making, the data is in. We can now see that teams using some form of marketing analytics platforms are starting to outpace those who still choose to go without. Amazon uses it! They know what we want before we do and we love it.

What is data science and how can casino marketing departments use data to predict trends and behavior patterns of their current customers and future guests? How much does this technology cost and do you need an advanced computer science degree to figure it out? Is it one more task given to your already overtaxed data analytics department and can marketers make actionable strategic decisions easily from the data? Will casino marketing departments get an edge on their competitors if they start to use this methodology?

Moderator: Nicole Barker, Senior Raving Partner, Database & Loyalty Marketing

Panelists: Jonathan Cocek, Database & Analytics Executive, Epsilon; Azam Husain, CEO, Casino Science; Sarah Procopio, Raving Partner, Database Analytics

12:15 PM — 1:30 PM

Tribal Spirit of Giving Celebration and Keynote Luncheon

Sponsored by VGT – An Aristocrat Company

In an industry that most outsiders don’t understand, the story of the tribal gaming community and its workforce of warriors who are dedicated to improving the lives of their communities are often unheard. Call it cultural modesty, call it silent giving; you don’t hear a lot about the millions of dollars and hundreds of life-changing programs tribal casinos invest in every year.

Three years ago, Raving began our journey, an industry movement really, to recognize those tribal organizations that give so much back to their communities. We will be standing up and applauding those organizations that have changed people’s lives at this special luncheon.

And who better to share his story than Sam McCracken, Visionary and General Manager of the Nike N7 Program?

Sam McCracken, grew up on the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux reservation in northeastern Montana got his start in Nike’s Wilsonville warehouse in 1997. Thirteen years later, in 2000, Sam had a big vision: the idea to sell Nike products directly to Native American tribes to support health promotion and disease prevention programs. He called it N7.

Seven years after Nike’s Native American division began, the Nike design team collaborated with various community experts and tribal leaders to create footwear specifically for the Native American community, called Nike Air Native N7. All proceeds from the Air Native N7, which is sold through Native American community centers and tribes, are given back to youth sport and physical activity programs in Native communities across North America through the N7 Fund.

Sam believes “through activity, competition and play you can unleash the power of your generation. You can grow up active and healthy. Sport gives you self-confidence, enabling you to be a force for positive change in your community. The ultimate goal of N7 is to consider this footprint and to help Native American and Aboriginal youth recognize their proud history and build on it for a triumphant future.”

At Raving, we believe that everyone has left indelible footprints by their acts of giving through their tribal organizations. This celebration will include a presentation of donations to the Notah Begay III Foundation as well as to the top five participants in the Tribal Spirit of Giving Program.

Keynote Speaker: Sam McCracken, General Manager, N7 Programs at Nike

Host: Dennis Conrad, President Emeritus, Raving Consulting

1:30 PM — 2:00 PM

Final Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

Concurrent Workshops

2:00 PM — 3:15 PM

Concurrent Workshops

3:15 PM — 3:30 PM

Refreshment Break

3:30 PM — 4:45 PM

Grand Finale: The Raving Engagement Laboratory

Adding gamification to your casino

Throughout the last three days, you’ve been part of Raving’s engagement laboratory. You’ve participated in Raving Play, our conference online gaming software, and have accumulated many points by attending sessions, visiting with exhibitors and participating in different events. This is the session where it all comes together.

Our panelists will evaluate different ways you can add in gamification at your properties to increase loyalty outside of the property and at the same drive guests into those seats. What are those tools that have found the most success in casinos? Is it all about investing in new technology? What is the ROI from “gamification” and what are the next steps for your casino?

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, this final session can’t be missed as gamification will be, if it is not already, a critical tool in building customer loyalty and engagement.

And remember, just like in your casinos, there is a reward, a grand finale to recognize all of your hard work. We’ll be giving away a ton of prizes to those who attend this last session, all tied to your interaction with our new engagement software.

Panelists: Jerry Epstein, Raving Partner and CEO, Engaged Nation; Justin Shank, Raving Partner, Social Gaming and Marketing; Ryan Cullins, CEO, Zero 8 Studios

6:15 PM – 7:30 PM

Dennis Conrad’s Retirement Dinner and Fundraising Event

(OPTIONAL - special registration required)
Precedes Raving’s 20th Anniversary Insider Party

Tonight we do our “official” Raving sendoff to Dennis Conrad, by the time of this printing, will have sold the whole kit and caboodle known as Raving Consulting, to Deana and Brady Scott.

With that said, we invite you to attend our farewell dinner for the one and only Captain Casino himself with a plentiful and gut-busting dinner, drinks and laughs at Dennis’ expense, of course. At Dennis’ request, this event is a fundraiser, with proceeds going to NB3F. Please register separately for this event. You won’t regret it … but he might.

After dinner, the party continues with our annual, attendee and sponsor appreciation Insider party (it’s our special 20th) … so you’ll be in the right seat for lots of fun for the rest of the night!

7:30 PM — 11:00 PM

Final Night Insider Party -- 20th Anniversary Raving-palooza @ Gilley’s

Free to all conference attendees and sponsors – no registration required

Sponsored by Imagine This

The very first “Raving Insider Party” at this event took place on the patio of Jackson Rancheria with local red wine, storytelling, new friendships and partnerships formed under a starry night. We’ve done everything from karaoke to bonfires on the beach, to scavenger hunts.

Now twenty conferences later, we ask you to come and celebrate all the learning and the relationships of the past two decades and solidify those new bonds you’ve made over the last three days. You can’t attend the conference without staying for this event, trust us.

The stage is set for music and dancing (and some extra surprises); the bull will be ready to take on our Raving riders. We have lots up our sleeves to make it a night that you won’t forget. Don’t cut out early: make sure to make your plane reservations to leave on Thursday.

Thursday, February 1 -- Departures